70 Ton Bollard Pull ASD Tug

Kochi, India

Maritime Montering India (Marinor), announces the successful completion of a turnkey accommodation and HVAC project for a 12-man crew on a 70 Ton Bollard Pull ASD Tug. This project was executed at the new location in Udupi shipyard, recently acquired by Cochin Shipyard Ltd, one of India’s largest government-owned shipyards.

From the small to large vessels, every project managed by MM India stands a testament to the commitment of “Make in India” initiative, aimed at fostering innovation and delivering best-in-class maritime accommodation within the country.

The successful completion of this project not only underscores our dedication to supporting India’s maritime industry but also highlights our ability to adapt and thrive in new environments. Our team in India worked diligently to ensure that the accommodation and HVAC systems met the highest standards of safety, comfort, and efficiency, providing the crew with optimal living and working conditions. Click MM’s portfolio to see the rusult in pictures Konna Star – Maritime Montering

We extend our gratitude to Udupi Cochin Shipyard for their support and collaboration, which has been instrumental in achieving this milestone. Together, we continue to drive the vision of a self-reliant India, contributing to the nation’s growth and prosperity.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Uday Natu, CEO
Maritime Montering India