Carlo Luisi joins the MMD Team

Maritime Montering Group has signed Carlo Luisi as the new Sales Manager for the MMD concept.

Bygstad, 09 January 2024

From left: Steffen Birkeland (Business Development Manager), Züleyha Cirik (Group Sales Coordination Manager) and Carlo Luisi (new Sales Manager MMD).

Carlo Luisi has taken up the position as Sales Manager for the Maritime Materials Development concept, MMD, launching this winter from ship interiors group Maritime Montering. 

Carlo is leaving American cable transit manufacturer STI Marine after six years as their Sales & Technical Manager for Europe. His career also includes positions at Fincanitieri, Somec and Generalmembrane holding an MSc in naval architecture and marine engineering from the University of Trieste. 

Maritime Materials 

-The MMD product range is a brand new concept of maritime materials that we have developed at our factory in Jiangsu, China, explains Steffen Birkeland, business development manager at Maritime Montering. -Over the past 40-some years we have gained a lot of experience in installing wet units, bulkhead and ceiling panels etc, and wanted to use this first hand knowledge in improving these products. We believe we have developed solutions which will increase the efficiency of the installers and reduce manhours and mistakes, he adds. 

Kelvin Zhang is the general manger of Maritime Montering China and has the overall responsibility for the MMD range: -We are very pleased to have someone as experienced as Carlo on our team, Zhang reflects. -He will be both the man to go to in Europe for all customers, and also contributing to our product development with his great competence within fire regulations and testing.  

New Concept 

MMD was pre-presented at the Marintec exhibition in December, and gained a lot of attention for the many smart solutions, one being the slim concept wet unit, enabling designers to make slimmer cabins and thus add more cabins to one deck.  

MMD will be presented at several exhibitons around Europe this year, Maritime Montering reveals in a press release. 

About Maritime Montering 

Established in Vestland, Norway in 1981, Maritime Montering has grown into a multi-national corporation represented in 8 countries with 500+ employees and a turnover of €50 mn. 

The main business activity is building vessel interiors, ranging from insulation works, flooring, walls, ceilings, cabins, furniture, galley and decoration. Maritime Montering also owns a state of the art and modern furniture factory in Szczcecin, Poland, being Europes largest ships’ furniture factory. In Jiangsu, China Maritime Montering co-owns a factory which produces maritime materials. Headquarters are in Bygstad, Norway.