Maritime Montering Wins 5 New Contracts with Tersan Havyard

Tersan Havyard, one of the foremost shipyard names in the Norway’s maritime industry, has signed new contracts with Maritime Montering for accommodation outfitting of five newbuilds.

Photo: Projected hybrid battery ferries for Norled. Click on photo to get more

Recently, Tersan Havyard announced signing of significant deal to construct 4  new ferries for Norled and one more deal to build a new service boat for Nordlaks. After the tender round Maritime Montering Norway was appointed to execute accommodation outfitting of all five projected vessels.

Maritime Montering has a long history of maritime interior solutions, and will be responsible for the comprehensive design, supply and installation of the interior. This includes accommodation as well as to ensure that each space meets the highest standards of quality and innovation.

From comfortable seating and living areas, to advanced onboard amenities, Maritime Montering will ensure that every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the passenger and working sea experience.

This strategic collaboration underscores Tersan Havyard’s commitment to deliver state-of-the-art vessels with superior design from Martime Monterings own collection, ensuring enhanced comfort and functionality for both crew and passengers. The collaboration is also an inspiration for the regional maritime industry as it will become an catalyst for growth in the region.

“We’ve taken a step up in all areas, also when it comes to accommodation. We are pleased to be able to assign Maritime Montering, as a local business, the accommodation outfitting on our new vessels”, says Vegard Skår, VP of projects for Tersan Havyard. “Their expertise in maritime interiors aligns with our vision of delivering top-notch vessels that prioritize both aesthetics and functionality.  Together we are creating local jobs and high activity in our region. A well-established estimate states that one job at the shipyard generates a total of five new jobs for adjacent suppliers in the nearby environment. We are proud to facilitate high technological innovation in shipbuilding.”

Key Highlights of the Collaboration:

Projects Scope:  Interior outfitting of 1) Norled’s four hybrid ferries, and 2) one innovative hybrid service boat for Nordlaks.

Interior Focus: Accommodations, public areas, cabins, mass zones etc.

Quality Standards: Adherence to the highest industry standards in design and functionality.

Innovation: Implementation of cutting-edge solutions to enhance comfort for passengers and working environment.

Maritime Montering will join Tersan Havyard with its accommodation expertise in the course of the vessels’ building processes to make them ready to go to sea with a high comfort inside.

The four ferries covered by the agreement for Norled is scheduled to start operating in 2027 (Stokkevågen-Lovund and Stokkevågen-Trenna routes), with the first ferry estimated delivered in June 2026, and  the last in December 2026.  Earlier to this,  the new service vessel for Nordlaks, will be delivered in spring 2025. All vessels will be built by Tersan Havyard in Leirvik in Sogn, and the accommodation are to be finished by Maritime Montering at the same yard.

“We are honored to be selected by Tersan Havyard for these significant projects,” says Stian Madsen, CEO of Maritime Montering Norway. “We are excited to be continuing our partnership with Tersan Havyard through these projects. Our shared commitment to quality and innovation has been the cornerstone of our collaboration in past, and we look forward to contributing to the success of these new ferries with our expertise in ship interiors. We are local patriots with a strong passion to develop the maritime cluster in our region, and we show that it’s possible to be in the world front in Sogn og Fjordane.”

The interior outfitting process will commence as per timeline, with a focus on integrating innovative design elements that promotes efficiency, safety, and comfort. Both Tersan Havyard and Maritime Montering are committed to adhering to strict timelines and ensuring the successful delivery of all scheduled vessels.

Photo: project of Nordlaks’ new innovative hybrid service boat. Click on photo to read more

About Havyard Leirvik AS:

Tersan Havyard is a Norwegian shipbuilding company known for constructing  and delivering advanced vessels for various maritime industries. It specializes in building and outfitting complex ships such as offshore supply vessels, fishing vessels, and ferries.

About Maritime Montering Norway

Maritime Montering Norway is a part of Maritime Montering Group, established in 1981, with the intent to deliver innovative and high-quality ship interior to vessels and rigs. With a dedicated 500+ team of professionals and a passion for excellence, Maritime Montering Group has completed over 1100 interior projects. Today, Maritime Montering Group is present in six countries and keep growing.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Stian Madsen, CEO
Maritme Montering Norway