Everlasting furnitures

Maritime Monterings furniture collection consist of high quality materials to meet the standards applicable to marine construction. Solid, light weight poplar plywood and flame retardant laminates are basic materials used for manufacturing of our furniture.

The entire collection meets the standards set out during the “Maritime Labour Convention” (MLC) and includes a wide range of furniture in many variants allowing our clients to fully furnish crew cabins, mess rooms, high-standard officers’ lounge and specialized rooms subject to stricter requirements.

Our design is characterized by aesthetic level and functionality. Due to ergonomic forms and sturdy assembly system, our furniture does not pose a substantial threat to crew members during storms. High quality laminate and plywood make the collection furniture resistant to abrasion, seawater ingression, all weather conditions and impact damage. All metal parts used in the collection are made of high-class steel and aluminium with many coatings and veneers to choose from.